I Procrastinate everything, including sleep

Photo by Adam Grabek on Unsplash

I know I should go to sleep now.

But I just can’t.

I am so tired that my eyes barely opened

But I still don’t want to go to sleep.

Instead, I rather type this article that no one will read — based on my previous article which received 0 views.

(Actually, 0 views made me feel free just type out whatever I have in my mind here...)


I procrastinate almost everything:

even sleeping.

The only thing I don’t procrastinate is procrastination.

I don’t know why I am doing this to myself.

I wonder if this is self-handicapping, which is when someone tried to handicapped oneself hoping to protect their own self-esteem.

For example, you have an exam that is very hard tomorrow,

if you studied very hard and fail, you could feel very stupid.

if you don’t study at all, you can tell yourself “it is just because I didn’t prepare!”

so not studying is what we called self-handicapping in psychology.

But I don’t think I am self-handicapping because there is nothing challenging at the moment, so there is nothing for me to handicap myself…

So why do I procrastinate so much?




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